Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget runs a number of ongoing projects that focus on policy analysis, public education, Congressional outreach, and coalition building, all with the goal of promoting responsible fiscal and economic policy in a non-partisan manner.

Health Care_Money

American Health Care Initiative

American Health Care: Rethinking the Challenges, Opportunities, and Possibilities is a collaborative initiative between the Committee for a...

Budget Process_Books

Better Budget Process Initiative

There is a growing consensus that the budget process is broken. Deadlines are missed, controls circumvented, gimmicks employed, and the long-term...

Concept_Family With Baby

Budgeting for the Next Generation

In our series, Budgeting for the Next Generation,[*]we review federal programs for children and assess how they fare in the federal budget and the...


Fiscal FactCheck

Our Fiscal FactCheck series holds policymakers and candidates accountable.  Politicians often tell voters what they want to hear rather than...

US Flag Rippled


FixUS seeks to better understand the root causes of our nation’s growing  divisions and deteriorating political system, to work with others...

Social Security_SSDI Solutions_Book

SSDI Solutions Initiative

The McCrery-Pomeroy SSDI Solutions Initiative is a project dedicated to identifying practical policy changes to improve the Social Security...

The Campaign to Fix the Debt

The Campaign to Fix the Debt

The Campaign to Fix the Debt is a non-partisan national movement  to put our country on a better fiscal and economic path. America's growing...


US Budget Watch 2020

Too often, election campaigns are about telling voters what they want to hear rather than what they need to know. US Budget Watch 2020 will bring...